The King of Silk

Michael reaches for the light switch and chides himself, again. There’s no electricity in the Fifteenth Century. But there could be.

A midnight attack on a Manhattan street transports rising corporate finance star, Michael Patriate, to the backwoods of Renaissance Italy. Fearing the brand “witch,” he conceals his identity and his understanding of 21st century business and technology. But he can’t check his ambition, the drive cost him love in the past—and threatens to do it again.

He goes from laborer to successful provincial merchant, even moves down the coast to military and trade powerhouse Venice. But the knowledge in his head keeps tempting him, and he gives in.

When he takes shortcuts by introducing new concepts into the silk industry, he hits opposition from powerful elements of a culture which ruthlessly guards the status quo. The designing Doge of Venice takes notice. He summons Michael and hands him a blank check to stoke the Republic’s flagging war machine, setting in motion events that may kill Michael or send him back to his own time. And if he survives, he’ll face his toughest opponent yet—himself.


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