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Thanks, Barnes and Noble

Announcement for July 30, 2011 Book Signing

Book signing July 30, 2011

After THE KING OF SILK was published in ebook form last February I contacted the customer service manager at the Lubbock, Texas Barnes and Noble. In lieu of a traditional book signing, I thought maybe a Nook promotion might be in order. Timing (mine) didn’t favor it, so I waited until the trade paperback version came out to call her back.

This lady was gracious and helpful, scheduling me in about a month so we would have time to get the marketing materials and such together. I sent her a PDF file she’s getting printed up for a poster they will put up in the window, along with a display of five books. They’ll notify the media and even send out a mailing if I supply the addresses. I also dealt with the CRM at the Amarillo store, who was helpful as well.

It’s nice to deal with folks like this. Thanks Barnes and Noble staff!


On the road to Pyramid: Day 1

February 6, 2011 1 comment

[Part one of a series chronicling a trip through several western states and promoting the new ebook, The King of Silk. Warning: Red silk scarf contest clues included.]

Well, that’s not quite true. It was actually day two. But the first day consisted of getting off work and driving six hours in the dark to my sister’s house in Albuquerque and falling into bed. (Thanks, Sis.)

So this day began in the cold mountains east of Albuquerque under bright skies that turned gray before we (my sweet wife, and hot girlfriend, Rhonda) left. If you’re a product of the plains like me, the mountain and desert country of New Mexico and Arizona are a wonder. We snap large numbers of pictures as we drive down the interstate. On our last trip through here and on up into Nevada, we took 7500 pictures. Not a misprint. 25 gigabytes of digital wonder. And we’re off to a good start again.

We detoured at Petrified National Forest Park, close to Holbrook, Arizona. We had seen the painted desert section before, but this is the first time for the petrified wood section.  What the heck laid all these trees over, then preserved them for the ages? It’s a wonderful mystery.

Then it was off to the rock store for gifts. Why do we need to buy rocks, I asked Rhonda. They are just lying all over the place back in the park. Well, after the incident at Walker Lake in Nevada (a story for another time), you know the look I got.

Then it was back to the road for us. At Williams, Arizona, just west of Flagstaff, suppertime called. Williams is a neat little town where you can catch a passenger train to tour the Grand Canyon. It’s full of little shops and restaurants. We found this place called Pine Country Restaurant.

It manages to be roomy and cozy at the same time. A pie case greets/tantalizes at the door. We sat at a booth that might hold a dozen economy-sized folks, or good half-a dozen like me. The waitress was friendly and helpful (always a good sign).

What kind of food do you go to the western mountains to eat? The Icelandic Cod looked good to me and I wasn’t disappointed. Rhonda had a Reuben Burger. She allowed as how it was yummy. The Dutch apple pie (al la mode, of course) topped it off. I may gain a hundred pounds on this trip.

We toured their gift shop before getting back on the road and heading for our waypoint, Needles California. Needles may be most famous as the home of “Spike,” Snoopy’s (Peanuts) brother. We’ll see if we can catch a glimpse of him. Then it’s on to Fresno, California.

p.s. Sunday morning, Needles: Clear, sunny, and 65 degrees.

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