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Where did it come from?

[I posted this on my Amazon author page and thought, why not here, too?]

For a number of years, the idea of taking my set of knowledge into another time has intrigued me. How would I survive? What could I make?

 For example, I wondered, if I went back 500 years could I produce an automobile? I know generally how they work and are made. But what about things like the state of metallurgy in the 15th Century? Politics? Who would want to control the technology?
One evening I had an image of a modern person facing a king or other powerful person from an earlier era demanding this man’s secrets, and his dilemma whether to give them up. I knew I had my book.
Of course, it turns out, that isn’t really what the story is about, it’s only what happens. If that sounds confusing, just remember that most stories are about a character’s search to fulfill a need and the story gets them there.
You may wonder why this time period, and why Venice? I wanted my guy to meet a guy and Venice was where this fellow was going to be, so we headed to the city of love, canals, and cutthroat business, in a roundabout way. I hope you enjoy!