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Thanks, Barnes and Noble

Announcement for July 30, 2011 Book Signing

Book signing July 30, 2011

After THE KING OF SILK was published in ebook form last February I contacted the customer service manager at the Lubbock, Texas Barnes and Noble. In lieu of a traditional book signing, I thought maybe a Nook promotion might be in order. Timing (mine) didn’t favor it, so I waited until the trade paperback version came out to call her back.

This lady was gracious and helpful, scheduling me in about a month so we would have time to get the marketing materials and such together. I sent her a PDF file she’s getting printed up for a poster they will put up in the window, along with a display of five books. They’ll notify the media and even send out a mailing if I supply the addresses. I also dealt with the CRM at the Amarillo store, who was helpful as well.

It’s nice to deal with folks like this. Thanks Barnes and Noble staff!


Book signing for The King of Silk!

I’ll be signing books this coming Saturday, June 18, in Lubbock, Texas at the Spoil Me Rotten Party House, 124 East Broadway (near the fairgrounds), from 10:00 to 4:00. It’s an arts and crafts show featuring china painting and, well, me of course. Refreshments served, all the usual and some unusual.

I’ll also be signing books at the Frontiers in Writing conference (Amarillo, Texas) June 24-25.

Come out to either or both–we’ll have a swell time!