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On the road to Pyramid: Day 7

It’s an odd thing being at Pyramid Lake. The Truckee River runs from high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at Lake Tahoe, through the Reno area, northward through the desert, and finally into Pyramid Lake, from where the water escapes only through evaporation. It’s the lowest point around here, and yet it feels like we are up in the mountains. It’s hard to remember that the elevation is about 3800 feet, not much higher than back home in Lubbock, Texas.

Pyramid Lake High School

So anyway, on this crisp morning Rhonda and I got up and went to school. Yep, that’s right, high school. We were guest speakers in Mrs. Fuller’s four English classes. We talked about the importance of writing in college and careers and the joys and relative compensation of fiction writing. I hope they got something out of it, because we enjoyed the interaction.

Afterward I was able to visit with the tribal chairman about a couple of book projects. One is a picture book Rhonda and I produced after our last trip. They may be able to sell it at some of the tribe’s retail outlets and perhaps help the bottom line at the reservation. The other book is still a concept, but it’s set at Pyramid Lake and we’re here doing research. Whatever happens, it’s really been a rewarding experience meeting the people here.

El Guadalajara Restaurant

Then we decided to get something to eat. Isn’t that what life is all about? Off to Fernley, a town located on I-80 north of Reno about 30 miles. We wound up at Guadalajara Restaurant. The setting was nice, but the food…excellent. It was the culinary highlight of our trip so far. Rhonda had the chile rellenos that she allowed as the best she had eaten. I tried something new for me in the pork carnitas. Yum. We topped it off by sharing a flan. I don’t normally like these so much, but it was very good.

Juan, our host, said they have been at this place for eight years and for three years before in another location.

Juan and Josue of El Guadalajara

Two thumbs up for Guadalajara Restaurant.

Tomorrow: an interview with Indian activist.

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