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On the road to Pyramid: Day 6

Day six saw us drive from Fresno, California to Sutcliffe, Nevada, a small town in the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe reservation. From warm Fresno, we traveled north to Sacramento, California and east into Nevada via Interstate 80 over the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I-80 runs through Donner pass, a famous gateway between Nevada and California.

Pyramid Lake, featuring namesake Pyramid Rock

The highway was clear all the way, but up in the mountains snow blanketed the ground in many areas. After sixties and seventies, low forty degree weather seemed a bit chilly. At Reno, Nevada we turned north toward Pyramid Lake. Soon, we got our second first look at this gorgeous lake.

The water ranges from deep blue to turquoise green, depending on the light and other conditions. This evening it was somewhere in between. We turned west and paralleled the lake to Sutcliffe and our lodgings for the next few days. At Crosby’s Lodge, we secured a room, unpacked, and headed to the store for a quick supper.

The bar at Crosby's

The store is amazing. It’s a combination casino, bar and grill, and grocery store where they sell everything from trailer hitch balls to tackle to Indian-made arts and crafts.  On the weekend you even get a DJ named Razz. I don’t know how they get that much stuff in a small area. I think there is some trans-spatial interdimensional wormhole time warp thing going on.

Crosby's store

Anyway, we sat down to a good old-fashioned burger, fries, and nacho dinner before we waddled back to the room to call it a night. Welcome to Pyramid Lake.

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