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On the road to Pyramid: Day 5

Today is the day to catch things up.

It was the last day of the trade show for me, and my feet surely appreciate it. It’s been beautiful weather, up to about 70 at one point today when the high was in the twenties back home in Lubbock, Texas. Surely I wouldn’t rub it in with the folks back at the office. (hah)

I discovered on arrival here at the La Quinta in Fresno that I had left my shirt bag somewhere and had two shirts I could wear to the show. I’ve been washing them out in the sink and drying them in the guest dryer. Anyway, the shirt bag turned up at the hotel in Bakersfield where we stayed on Sunday and Rhonda made the two hour round trip from Tulare where the show was to get it. I am now fully shirted.

In any event, it’s our last night in Fresno and we decided to order in and do some packing. I’m afraid no packing got done, but we took a suggestion on DiCicco’s Restaurant and ordered Italian.

I, of course, am a fool for pizza, so it was the pepperoni for me. Rhonda had the toasted ravioli. She reported the ravioli excellent and the marinara sauce good and a little spicy. The pizza was good, but it did take a bit to get here. The microwave oven fixed that right up.

After day four’s dinner, this was a plus and we didn’t have to go out.

Tomorrow we leave for a new destination: Pyramid Lake. More details soon.

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