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On the road to Pyramid: Day 4

You have to strike out sometimes. There’s no shame, it just happens.

After a long trade show day on my feet, I went back to the hotel, collected Rhonda (again, sweet wife, hot girlfriend), and set out to find some recommended Asian food at Imperial Garden in Fresno.

The soup was good, at least that’s what Rhonda told me. Her Kung Pao chicken was okay and my chicken fried rice was all right, but I’m not much of a judge. I don’t care for Asian food, but I usually like the chicken fried rice.

The service, though, lacked. The waitress seemed to be counting the seconds to shift end and wasn’t very patient with us. Communication was difficult. In fairness, she’d probably had a hard day and was tired. General Vang Pao, a hero of the Lao-Hmong Vietnamese community, passed away and his funeral has been going on all week. I suppose there have been lots of people in the restaurant running them ragged. I hope that’s all it was.

Anyway, we had a decent meal but not great. Then it was back to the hotel, where I intended to get caught up posting this journal. But I pooped out quickly and vowed to do it “tomorrow.” Not much tomorrow left at this writing, but here it is.

More to come!

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