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On the road to Pyramid: Day 2

Okay, so it’s not day two anymore, but let’s pretend, shall we?

The second day of the trip was, uhm, interesting. After a day when my traveling companion (sweet wife, hot girlfriend) were a little at odds, we decided to deviate from our trip, but I touched on that already. This is about what happened after the wrong turn after the wrong turn, after…

In the middle of nowhere (all the Californians I met this week didn’t know it was there) appeared a light from heaven. Here’s a glimpse:

Ranch House Cafe, Olancha, California

Ranch House Cafe, Olancha, California

We remarked to each other that this seemed like one of those places that pop up in a horror movie. You know, the one that looks so good until the kindly old lady whacks you on the back of your head with a frying pan and drags you to the kitchen.

I’m glad to report that no whacking occurred. Just a good meal and friendly service.

We  both had the “Indian Frybread,” which features a flat piece of frybread (if you’ve never had this, I’m afraid I can’t describe it) loaded with pinto beans, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. topped with sour cream. A piece of peach pie and requisite ice cream topped off the meal.

Best was the service we received from the staff. They gave us directions back to civilization that save us hours of pointless driving.

Would I go back? Boy, it’s a long, long distance out of our way. But we’re glad we found it. And who knows? If we ever get back this way, we’ll be sure to stop.

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