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Don’t put your trust in technology

Traveling into Sequoia National Forest

So about 3:15 local time, we rolled into Bakersfield, California on the way to Fresno another two hours or so north. The Sequoia National Forest is nearby, so we looked on the map and decided to take a detour. I wanted to stand under one of the giant trees. Well, we didn’t plan well (one of many mistakes) and entered the park where it’s beautiful, but features no big trees.

After a couple of hours, we decided to head on out and instructed Garmin to set a course. Instead of getting out on the west side close to our destination, the GPS routed us to the east side and started us north. Well, if you look at the map, which we did not do (another of many mistakes), you’ll see you can’t get there from here. Any shortcut goes through the mountains in the dark and the passes we were headed to in Yosemite are closed for the winter.

Bright side: There is a restaurant out in the wilderness. After Garmin turned me left instead of right, I drove for an hour and a half before I saw the lights of civilization and screeched to a halt. At the Ranch House Cafe (I’ll review tomorrow), I expected Stephen King to come out wielding an ax. But it was a surprisingly nice place. The helpful staff sent us back the way we came. At 10:00 we rolled back into Bakersfield on the same exit where we filled up with gas almost seven hours earlier. We’re pooped. Fresno will have to wait until tomorrow.

Lesson learned: GPS location technology is nice, but it can’t totally replace a nice detailed map.

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  1. Rhonda
    February 7, 2011 at 6:30 am

    Up to this time, I have been pretty understanding of the other woman, “Carmen Garmin” but after today’s goose chase with no goose in hand at the end of the day, I am fairly certain that there is no room in your life for “another woman” to tell you what to do but me. (Spoken with a smile…a forced one but a smile.) At the end of the day, a pleasant meal at an unexpected spot in truly the middle of nowhere we are none the worse for the wear. No one died (except we did get word that a couple of fish died. Talin fed them multiple times today). And we have our one fuss per trip event out of the way and can look eagerly to a new adventure tomorrow. Got some great pictures and still am amazed at the creation of the Creator. And amazed that he continually guides our path as he did today when we needed a port in the storm, so to speak. Thanks, Joe for your patience and “tomorrow is another day”.

  2. February 7, 2011 at 7:57 am

    Sometimes it’s those unexpected detours that provide the best memories of a trip. Detail the journals and keep track of the details. But do keep a map handy for those GPS moments.

    Last summer I followed the youth group leader on a wild goose chase of more than forty miles to get to the highway on ramp we could SEE from our starting point. GPS is wonderful for target practice with a nice Colt .45. They sit so nicely on top of the fence posts. 🙂

    Each day is a blessing – enjoy.

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